About Us

Welcome to SnapShax!

Daron and Shauna welcome you to SnapShax! We love what we do and strive to enrich our clients lives through building relationships, creating innovative solutions, and inspiring others! The best part about our job is you, the client!

Why SnapShax?

We are more than a Real Estate Investment or Digital Media solution. With over 25 years' experience in business and customer service, we know the importance of being trustworthy and dependable. The power behind being genuine and passionate about building relationships to help you grow your business. We have spent countless hours honing our skills and processes to ensure that your experience is like no other when working with SnapShax. 

Daron and Shauna have been involved in Real Estate investing since the last great recession. From specialized renovations and repairs to finding creative and innovative solutions for owners of distressed properties. We have the contacts and resources to help. Above all else we provide a service to help others find a winning solution to their unique situation. Let us utilize our network to help you!

Our Digital Media services specialize in crafting the stories of our clients to create quality videos that will help them connect and move their audiences. We also realize that a video by itself is not enough to create the ROI you deserve. Snapshax Studios also provides Social Media Consulting and support as part of their Digital Media services. Again, you the client comes first and want you to be successful!

What can you expect?

At SnapShax, we provide hand crafted and customized solutions for our clients. From Real Estate investing to Digital Media and Cinematography, we have you covered. You can expect nothing less than the highest professionalism, service and quality products from SnapShax. We want you to be our next success story so please contact us for your free consultation(s)!

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